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Why continue to fight the quarry if the Supervisors voted to approve it?

CARRQ is continuing to oppose the quarry through the courts because we believe the County did not prove there is an economic need for this quarry that justifies the damage it's development and operation will do to the land, to our air, water and natural resources.  We do not think the County is protecting the interests and health of citizens by approving a project with more than 180 Conditions of Approval.  We believe taxpayers who approved the creation of the Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District and pay for it through sales taxes, did not intend for the District to favor a developer with such machinations as attempting to allow hundreds of gravel trucks per day cross protected land (this attempt was soundly rejected), or using a neighboring conservation easement to replace habitat of tiger salamanders that will be obliterated by the quarry. 

The Roblar Road quarry, Stony Point Quarry,  Mecham landfill and the closed county landfill are all within an approximate three-mile area surrounding the quarry site.  CARRQ believes the County Supervisors failed to protect the health and safety of residents, businesses, workers, people who travel in the area surrounding the quarries and landfills and the natural resources of this area by ignoring the risks presented in the Environmental Impact Report and ignoring the accumulated impact these facilities have on us.  They were worried enough about the quarry damaging the closed landfill next door to it to require the developer to indemnify them from liability; but not the rest of us!

These issues are too big to ignore---join us to continue the fight!