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Who is CARRQ?

Citizens Advocating Roblar Road Quality (CARRQ) is an all-volunteer group that began in the 1980's to oppose the development of a gravel quarry on ranch land on Roblar Road, Petaluma.  The site is located about five miles west of Cotati, between Stony Point Road and Valley Ford Road.

The original group was made up mostly of area residents, including ranchers, who were alarmed that a gravel mine with blasting could be developed on prime ranch land, close to people's homes, and immediately adjacent to an old landfill that is owned by the County and which closed in the mid-1970's. The landfill operated before environmental regulations were developed and it is unlined and uncapped.

CARRQ supporters helped defeat the development of a quarry on this site in 1986 and in 1988. In about 2004 CARRQ needed to became active again after John Barella, former owner of North Bay Construction one of the largest construction companies in the region, applied to the County to build a quarry on Roblar Road and sold 758 acres next to the proposed quarry site to the Sonoma Count Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District (SCAPOSD) to preserve the land 'in perpetuity.'

After operating as a loosely organized grass roots group for many years, in 2009 CARRQ incorporated as a California public benefit organization so that we could raise public awareness to fight the quarry development more effectively. Many of the current Board of Directors have supported CARRQ since its beginning. CARRQ has more than 400 supporters throughout Sonoma County who have helped us raise public awareness about the the quarry, and who donate time and money to help us fight it and the misuse of publicly funded open space land.