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Support Open Space District's Policy of No Habitat Mitigation on Conservation Easements

CARRQadmin's picture
on Tue, 07/10/2012 - 17:15

At the June 28 meeting of the Open Space District's Citizens Advisory Committee, District General Manager Bill Keene said he would put forward a policy recommendation to the Board of Supervisors that future conservation easements may not be used to replace species habitat/land that will be destroyed by development.   Had such a policy been in place two years ago, the County may not have been able to allow John Barella to use his neighbor's land encumbered by a conservation easement (funded by tax dollars to the District)  to mitigate for the destruction of tiger salamander habitat on the Roblar Road quarry land.  This move by the supervisors saved Barella potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars and will directly enable him to use publicly-funded land for his own benefit if the quarry project goes forward.  July 15 is the deadline for you to submit your emails and letters of support to the Open Space District to go forward with the recommendation that tax-funded conservation easements should not be used for habitat mitigation.

See a Sample Letter to the District--sign it and send it!