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Quarry Plan

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on Fri, 04/16/2010 - 18:22
Editor, Press Democrat
Sue Buxton, Petaluma

Sonoma County residents are concerned about air and water contamination from the proposed Roblar Road quarry project. Blasting at the site is sure to disturb toxins in the adjacent unlined, uncapped, old Sonoma County landfill. The Sonoma County Open Space District recently paid project applicant John Barella $2.3 million to protect the property west of the project site from development. Now Barella proposes to run 200 to 400 quarry trucks per day through this property that our tax dollars just paid to keep forever green.

Barella has paid more than $600,000 to county staff and consultants to work on the project environmental impact report; these dollars must have hugely influenced their findings. I do not feel the health of Sonoma County residents is being protected. Priority should be given to environmental safety and protected open space rather than private business interests. For more information, go to