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Judge Daum Responds to Objections on Ruling

Attorneys for the county and quarry owner John Barella objected to Superior Court Judge Daum’s Aug. 2 decision  favoring CARRQ's challenge to the Roblar Rd. quarry  Environmental Impact Report.  They directed the court to reconsider what they thought were omissions and ambiguities in the decision. On Aug. 30, Judge Daum ruled against those objections and made his original decision final.  

The ruling document provides further insight into the court’s reasons for deciding in favor of CAARQ’s long-standing position that  the county’s approval of the quarry violated California’s environmental law.  CARRQ believes the judge's final ruling makes our case even stronger than before.

We anticipate the county and Mr. Barella will appeal the decision.

Judge Elliot Daum
Monday, September 17, 2012