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I don't live on Roblar Road, why should I care if a quarry is developed there?

  • Do you care about the health of people in this section of the south County? 
  • Do you care about how your Open Space tax dollars are used? 
  • Do you care if elected officials favor a developer they are friendly with over people who live and work in the community? 
  • Do you care if a part of our agricultural land will be ruined forever? 
  • Are you concerned about the take-over of the west/south county by resource extraction (gravel) companies if the Roblar Road quarry and Dutra asphalt plant in Petaluma are approved to operate ? 

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then you care about a gravel mine in our agricultural land off Roblar Road. 

Working with an Aggregate Resource Management (ARM) plan developed more than twenty years ago, lame duck Supervisors Kerns and Kelley and outgoing Supervisor Brown approved the quarry project that will scar our agricultural landscape forever with little economic data to support their decision in favor of developer John Barella.  The supervisors allowed the Open Space District that is funded by your tax dollars to come up with a plan to 'reinterpret' a conservation easement that was supposed to be established 'in perpetuity' to favor John Barella so that he could save hundreds of thousands of dollars to mitigate against the endangered species (Calfiornia tiger salamanders and Californiag red-legged frogs) that he will kill with his quarry operation.

  • You should care about the Roblar Road quarry if you live, work or travel east of the quarry where contaminants from the quarry's operation will blow in the Petaluma Gap winds.
  • You should care about the development of the quarry if you travel by car or bike on Stony Point, Mecham, Pepper, Valley Ford or Roblar Roads or Highway 116 where you will share the road with  200-400 gravel trucks per day. 
  • You should care that the quarry was approved if you understand that its development will have minimal impact on the creation of jobs in our community. The quarry will generate only 8 to 10 jobs for workers in Sonoma County.  Is this enough benefit to ruin this piece of agricultural land and potentially ruin water sources in a sensitive biological area forever?